Miro Video Converter, the best open source video converter gets an update

Participatory Culture Foundation, aka PCF, has updated the Open Source transcoding application Miro Video Converter to version 3.0.

The new version adds many new and useful features such as:

  • Batch Processing
  • More devices and output formats
  • Better control for output size and aspect ratio
  • Output of progressive MP4 files for web playback
  • Improved WebM output quality with SD and HD options
  • Thumbnail generation
  • Some additional output options for video developers

Miro Video Converter also gets a brand new UI. The app is available for Mac, Windows and Linux. It supports a very huge file formats and also makes it easier for Android users through some pre-sets.

So you don’t need to buy those non-free video converters, just grab Miro video converter from the site.

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