Watch out Microsoft, Collabora is bringing value added LibreOffice

Microsoft will soon feel more competition from Open Source. UK-based Collabora has created a division called Collabora Productivity to develop and sell value added solutions and services on top of LibreOffice.

Collabora’s mission is to make Open Source the de facto standard in the industry. The company offers consultancy to clients who are interested in deploying open source technologies.

Former SUSE developers are working on Collabora Productivity solution. Michael Meeks is the vice president of Productivity at Collabora. It must be noted that SUSE is the leading contributor to LibreOffice.

Michael Meeks said, “According to analysts there are 1.3 billion PCs worldwide, with 75% using office suites. Even if we address only a portion of that market, we still face a huge growth opportunity. Based on our experience, large deployments of LibreOffice backed by professional support represent a growing trend amongst enterprises as they offer significant cost savings without affecting productivity”.

Collabora already funds and sponsors many free software projects including:

  •     Farstream and Telepathy
  •     GStreamer
  •     PiTiVi
  •     LibreOffice

“We believe LibreOffice has reached a level of maturity in terms of stability and features that make it a viable alternative to MS Office”, says Philippe Kalaf, CEO of Collabora. “Office suites are key tools for individual and enterprise productivity, which need professional support when deployed in large numbers, such as any other piece of software”.

Ever since the inception of LibreOffice (as a fork of stagnated OpenOffice) it has enjoyed wider adoption worldwide – mainly in the public sector. According to estimated LO is being used by more than 75 million people worldwide.

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