Linux kernel 3.11 released

Linus Torvalds has announced the release of kernel 3.11. He wrote on the mailing list:

As some people noticed, I got distracted (“Ooh, look, a squirrel..”) and never wrote an announcement for -rc7. My bad. But it wasn’t actually all that interesting a release apart from the date, and it had a silly compile error in ohci-pci if you hadn’t enabled CONFIG_PM_RUNTIME, so we’ll just forget -rc7 ever happened, ok? Instead, go and get the real 3.11 release, which is out there, all shiny and ready to be compiled and loved.

Since rc7 (ok, I lied, it happened) there’s been just small fixes. Most of them came in from the networking tree, but there’s some all over: some random filesystem fixes, a couple of sound fixes, a /proc/timer_list fix, things like that. Nothing really stands out (unless you happened to use the new soft-dirty code, that had a buglet that could really hurt), but let’s hope we don’t have some silly configuration that doesn’t even compile this time around.

Shortlog appended.

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