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Motion based controls for Chromecast demoed

The Chromecast developer community has been very active right from Day 1, and the hacking seems to never slow down. Leon Nicholls, a clever chromecast developer hasd been able to control the device by motion gestures, using the Kinect.

Leon has made a setup consisting of chromecast, a laptop and kinect, which allows him to control the on screen stuff on the tv using simple hand gestures. The developer has also released a video demo and has give a brief explanation of the working on the setup on his Google+ page.

“The Kinect sensor is connected to my laptop. On my laptop I’m running an application I wrote that interprets the Kinect sensor data. My hand movements are sent to the app running on my Chromecast device to move a video on the TV screen. I can also play and pause the video by pushing my hand forwards.”

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Google launched the Chromecast last month, a simple, small and cheap device which connects to the HDMI port on your tv and allows you to consume online content, while you control it wirelessly via a smartphone, tablet or PC. Chromecast sells for just $35 on Google Playstore and is already worth every penny for what it does out of the box, added hacks from the developer community makes the deal even sweeter.

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