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Firefox 23 Out: Comes with Social API, Network Monitor

It’s finally up for grabs! After about one and a half months since its last stable release, Firefox is out in its new avatar, version 23. FF 23 brings in a whole lot of changes, apart from new logo; not precisely a new logo, but a retouched one (last change was made in FF 3.5). Among a myriad of changes are—Social share functionality, Network Monitor (a developer tool), and mixed content blocking (http stuff on https page).

Commenting on the social sharing capabilities, eWeek reported:

Firefox 23 debuts new sharing features that will enable users to share Web pages with friends over social media sites. The new sharing capability is an extension of the Social API that Mozilla first deployed into production with Firefox 17 in November 2012. The Social API is an extensible programming mechanism that allows Mozilla developers and partners to open up the Web browser for integration with social media services and sites.

As per Mozilla’s security blog:

When an HTTPS page contains HTTP resources, the HTTP resources are called Mixed Content. Firefox will block certain types of Mixed Content by default, providing a per-page option for users to “Disable Protection” and override the blocking.

Blocking of mixed content also means that users of such Firefox extensions as HTTPS Everywhere may face difficulties in viewing certain websites that still contain mixed content.

The network monitor makes it very easy to visualize not just how quickly parts of the page load and in what order, but also where problems are, including things like missing assets, slow Web servers and buggy APIs.

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A complete list of changes can be found in Firefox 23 release notes.


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