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Cheaper Moto X in the works says Motorola CEO, will it be Moto X Mini?

According to the current industry trend, smartphone makers are releasing a cheaper, ‘Mini’ version of their flagship devices. We had HTC One Mini and Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, now Motorola is said to be making a cheaper version of the Moto X that was released yesterday, will it be the Moto X Mini?

Dennis Woodside, CEO at Motorola Mobility, in an interview with CNET, said that a cheaper device bearing Moto X branding will be coming soon. He also mentioned that high end smartphones in emerging markets are not exactly affordable, where devices are generally not subsidized and prepaid consumer base is strong. “We want everyone to have access to affordable smartphones,” said Woodside.

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Even though Mototola is now a Google company, we did not see the ambitious pricing strategy in case of Moto X that was taken by Google for its Nexus devices. Also other than the customisation features and software enhancements, the hardware is not at par with the top of the line flagship devices from other manufacturers. The Moto X was launched with a price tag of $199 with two year contract and $699 off contract. This reminds us that Motorola is still a third party manufacturer and Moto X is not a pure Google product.

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