Chrome for Android getting more gesture controls

Mobile browsers are getting quite some love, why not the mobile traffic is increasing manifold. Yesterday we covered how Firefox is revamping its Start Page and Awesonescreen, now Google just announced that they are bringing more gesture based control to the Chrome for Android.

The latest beta channel introduces many new features for Chrome Apps and Chrome for Android. Some of the most notable gestures are horizontal or vertical swipe on the toolbar which switches tabs.

With this version Google has enabled WebGL by default for devices running more powerful GPUs (these devices include Nexus 4 and Nexus 7). Google is also enabling websites to take advantage of accelerometer via Device Orientation API which tells websites about the device acceleration and rotation rates. Developers can use this info to offer more exciting features to users.

Google is also enabling the MediaSource API by default (for devices running Jelly Bean or above) which the company says “allows JavaScript to generate media streams for playback, which enables use cases such as adaptive streaming and time-shifting live streams.”

This API will help streaming of media on mobile devices where connectivity can be an issue. Google is also bringing support for a few new APIs.

Sami Kyöstilä, Software Engineer at Google says, “Chrome Apps support a few new APIs in this release, including webview.request, media gallery write support, and downloads. Chrome App developers can also now use Chrome Web Store managed in-app payments.”

You can grab the latest version from these links – desktop & Android.

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