Linux 3.11-rc6 Out, 3.7-rc7 Planned To Celebrate 22 Years Of Linux

Linus Torvalds has released a new release candidate for the Linux 3.11 and is planning to push the next release candidate with the 22nd anniversary of Linux. This release candidate, though stated a “quiet” release fixes the TLB invalidation bug that was old and “really hard to hit in practice”. There were also some other fixes in network drivers, usb sound and filesystems. At the end of the message in The Linux Kernel Mailing, he promises to something more interesting for the rc7 release as it will coincide with 22nd anniversary of Linux.

“I’ll try to remember to do some more interesting/relevant statistics
for the rc7 release, because that should coincide with the 22nd
anniversary of the original Linux announcement on comp.os.minix.

How time flies when you’re having fun..”

Linux started as a small home project for running the popular Minix operating system on 386(486) AT clones. It was intially a terminal emulator that Torvalds used to access large UNIX servers in his university, but later developed into a full operating system kernel. The original announcement has been archived in Google Groups and you can read it here.

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