Fear: the reason why Microsoft is creating stink about YouTube app

Microsoft is once again spinning its web of confusion and FUD around Google. I just came across a story by Preston Gralla from ComputerWorld which tries to paint Google as evil and Microsoft as a victim.

Gralla says the it’s all because of fear.

Google’s blocking of Microsoft’s Windows Phone YouTube app may appear capricious and juvenile, but there’s something deeper at work here. Surprising as it may seem, it’s blocking the app out of fear that Windows Phone might eventually succeed.

So, Gralla thinks that this one app has the power to kill the entire platform? Wow! So, Amazon’s Kindle have no future as there is no official YouTube app.

It’s like reading the Lords of the Rings, one app to rule them all.

So going by Gralla’s logic Google should have stopped releasing apps like Chrome, Maps, Earth, Gtalk, Google Music, Google Drive for Windows and killed Windows to protect Chrome OS!

If Google really feared something it should be iOS. Going by Preston Gralla’s own ‘assumption’, if Google wanted to damage iOS it would have never released YouTube app when Apple discontinued their in-house app. Apple had a license with Google for the app. Does Microsoft have any such licensing deal with Google? If Google was really frightened, it would have iOS users keep getting lost with Apple Maps and should have never released Google Maps for iOS. Google did.


Simply because Gralla doesn’t understand Google’s business and is still thinking from Microsoft’s point of view. He is thinking like a Microsoft guy where the only way to kill competition is by holding it by throat and sucking all the air out of its lungs.

Google would love to generate ad revenues from Windows users

Unlike Microsoft which creates services to keep people locked into their cash-cow – Windows and Office Suite, Google is all about services. Google doesn’t care what platform you run, what it cares is you run their services on their platform. Google doesn’t care about Amazon forking Android as there will be one more platform, with heavy user-base, which will become user of Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps and many more Google services. Google, however, may not invest its own resources if the platform doesn’t have a big enough user-base to justify the cost; most companies do that.

Microsoft never released its own applications for GNU/Linux after all these years. Due to the lack of MS applications for Linux, users have either found alternatives or learned to live with it. Though I would refrain from using Windows applications like Skype or SkyDrive dues to the fact that Microsoft spies on the content, even if they were available.

Anyway, that was a slight side track. The fact remains that Google is a service company. Android is just one of the many means, it’s not the end for Google. Unlike Microsoft where Windows and Office Suites are the cash cows which pays for Ballmer’s science projects, Google is all about services.

It’s Microsoft which uses services to lock users into it’s platform. Just look at their Office 365 app for Android, it’s tied to its cash cow. It was Microsoft which despite the popularity of Android did not release an app for it ‘assuming’ (going by the logic of Gralla) that people won’t adopt Android if there is no office client.

It did not work. Looking at it’s own dying Windows Phone platform Microsoft finally launched a paywalled Office app for Android.

Google is saying what Nokia also said

Claims made in the story that Microsoft Windows Phone’s market shares are rising don’t hold much substance in the light of Microsoft’s own mistress Nokia criticizing the company for Windows Phone OS.

Just read the statement by Nokia VP of App development, Bryan Biniak, where he criticized Microsoft. He was quite harsh with his criticism of Microsoft for not delivering what’s needed, “As a company we don’t want to rely on somebody else and sit and wait for them to get it right.”

Here Microsoft’s own mistress is saying that Microsoft can’t get it right. Then why is suddenly Google evil when they also say the same thing that Microsoft is not doing the app in the right way?

Does Nokia also wants to kill Microsoft!

It’s all about mud slinging!

Ever wonder why is the complaint not coming from some Windows Phone or Windows App executives? Why is it coming from the same guy who brags about bogus Android patent deal? Why is it coming from the legal (FUD spreading) department? It’s not a legal issue, it’s a technical issue.


Because Microsoft is probably using their own inability to create the app per Google’s expectations to create some stink. Microsoft is trying to, once again, confuse users and muddy the water.

Microsoft’s abusive monopoly is in danger

Gralla, it’s not Google, it’s actually Microsoft which is frightened and wants to drag Google into some fabricated anti-competitive issue. The company has enjoyed absolute monopoly in the desktop space. No one ever told Microsoft to follow the standards or guidelines. Microsoft broke the beautiful websites with its more than sub-standard IE which doesn’t follow CSS standards and had been a pain in the proverbial back of web-developers. Microsoft just don’t know how to respect standards or follow the rules set by others.

Gralla says:

Anyone who ever believed that Google was somehow different than a typical tech company, that it was more ethical or committed to openness than others in the industry can’t believe that any longer. This latest action shows that it’s as willing as Microsoft ever was to play hardball in pursuit of market domination.

Why can’t Microsoft wait till its platform becomes big enough and Google releases an official YouTube app for it, just the way it offers them for iOS and Windows, instead of all this mud slinging? Google never bothered to create MS office for Android. Android waited for all these years to get MS Office, why can’t Microsoft wait?

At the same time why is Gralla throwing the keyword ‘openness’ here? What’s about ethics and open-ness here? It’s Microsoft’s inability to create an app that Google suggested due to the limitations of the platform. But instead Microsoft chose to create stink about it and drag Google into the dirty water Microsoft has been bathing in for ages.

In very simple words, Gralla just doesn’t understand Google’s market. He is still thinking like Microsoft. And as long as he will continue to think like Microsoft, he will continue to reach to the same conclusion. Because, probably, he thinks every company works like, or is as insecure as, Microsoft.

In one word, it’s Microsoft who is frightened of Google and is trying to spread as much FUD as they could against the search giant. That, I assume, is one of the reasons the blog came from the legal department and not the technical department.

Microsoft is scared of Google, it’s even more scared that it doesn’t have the same bullying power it had in the desktop space.

So, yes Gralla is right. The keyword here is ‘fear’. The fear that Microsoft is experiencing for the first time.

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