Mysterious countdown appears on elementary OS website

It would appear that either yesterday, or the day before yesterday, a mysterious countdown was added to the elementary OS website. Or rather, the whole website was replaced by a countdown. So far, I haven’t found any definite indications of what exactly we’re counting down to.

My first thought, and probably also the first thought of many other people, was “Luna is coming!” Luna being the codename for the second release of elementary OS. And while this most certainly seems plausible, it could also be a big new feature, sponsor, device…

Personally, I’m going for my first thought, and am hoping for an official release of elementary OS Luna.

Why? Well, let’s have a look at the daily builds. For a little bit over a month now, the daily build ISOs have had their unstable label replaced by DO-NOT-INSTALL. So someone tells you not to install something. What’s the first thing you do? Of course, you install it.

After playing around with it for a while, I must say I absolutely do not see why one shouldn’t do this. In fact, it looks very much like it could be a stable release ;-) It’s as polished as everything else I’ve seen from the elementary team so far.

The only answer I’ve been able to find to the DO-NOT-INSTALL mystery is that “Those are builds that contain things our developers need to test but we really want to make sure that nobody installs them since they are pretty much guaranteed not to be good installs.” This, I found on Launchpad.

Personally I do think the answer that is given on Launchpad is legit, seeing as this tag has been applied to the daily builds for more than a month now, which seems a bit much in preparation for a 3 day countdown. So, probably, the DO-NOT-INSTALL tag is unrelated. But even then, I’m clearly not the only one thinking the countdown might lead up to the release of elementary OS Luna.

Other than this, a post by the elementary folks appeared on Google+, inviting you to bear with them during the last 30 minutes of the countdown. It also speaks of a reveal and a Q&A.

So whether it’s the grand release of Luna, or it’s a new icon theme. At leats we won’t have to wait long to find out.

The countdown currently ends in 1 day and 13 hours, which, for the Europeans like myself, is a bit of a bummer. For those of you who are excited enough to stay up late, here’s an invitation from the elementary guys. Let’s just hope their site doesn’t go down under the load of everyone hitting F5 at the same time, like happened with Ubuntu’s website several times after a countdown.

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