Kubuntu opens up for donations

KDE-based Ubuntu flavor Kubuntu is now open for outside donations. The distribution was earlier funded by Canonical, but then as the company shifted focus towards mobile platform. Jonathan Riddell, the lead Kubuntu developer, who was hired by Canonical to develop Kubuntu was reassigned to other projects. Riddell quit Canonical and joined Blue Systems, which funds other GNU/Linux based systems such as Linux Mint, to continue his work on Kubuntu.

Canonical received some flack lately when Riddell said that the project did not receive any money from the company through the donations collected from the download page.

Canonical’s Jono Bacon said that they were looking into the matter and later set-up a system for funds distribution. It’s unclear if Kubuntu received any money from Canonical.

Now Kubuntu team is opening up for external donations to allow the team to invest more resources on making Kubuntu better.

According to the project blog:

Your donations will help finance project expenses such as hardware, travel and cloud computing.

As a community made non-commercial project we welcome all contributions. We are fully transparent with all expenses clearly logged.

The donation page states that “Spending from Kubuntu funds so far has been on travel to UDS, tablet and UEFI hardware, cloud computing for development and team shirts. See the KDE GB accounts for a complete list.”

PayPal is currently being used to collect donations. The donations are handled by With Support, the commercial support partner of Kubuntu. The collected money will be handled by KDE GB UK bank account.

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