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Vine For Android Updated With New Camera tools And Widget

Vine is to video blogging, what Twitter is to micrblogging. With Vine, you have the opportunity to capture tiny little clips, to express yourself, just like Twitter allows you to with their tweets in 140 characters. Recently, Vine launched an update for their Android application, bringing a host of new features to the table, features which were quite needed by the app to stay ahead of the pack in the Android segment of the market.

The foremost update is an exclusive Android widget, which allows users to record video without having to open the app, the way most of the android users are used to. In addition to it, the video recording now has a grid displayed, which helps in aligning the shots. A ghost mode is also included that lets you play your previous recording transparently on top of your current one.A Revine button allows you to repost it a la retweet from Twitter. Another neat addition is the inclusion of a button to turn off auto-focus.

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Overall, the additions are really thoughtful and should help Vine standout from the competition on the Android front.


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