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UK Authorities Threat Google Over Its Privacy Policies

The Information Commissioner Officer of the UK, in a recent statement, said that he believes that Google’s Privacy Policy does not comply with the current UK Data Protection Act. He also further says that Google does not make it clear on how it uses the private data gathered by its various data mining tools and systems, thus further adding to the blame and aggravating the situation.

Authorities have criticized the site for the aforementioned reasons and have warned Google of “enforcement actions”. This kind of threats is definitely not the first Google have received from the European Union nations. Google have, in the past, also received such complaints from data authorities from other European nations as well.

The ICO, along with 27 other European authorities have sent a letter to Google, in a coordinated effort, questioning the search giant’s policy and asking for reforms and to take the necessary actions within 20th September, or face enforcement actions. Google on the other hand commented that its Privacy Policy fully conforms and respects the European law and thus allow Google to provide customized and targeted services to its consumers across all its product range.

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Google has been asked by ICO to destroy all related data disks before July end or they will be forced to drag Google to the court room.

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