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Top New Games At Google Playstore

Top New Games in the Google Play Store

With the weekend approaching, here are some of the new releases on the Play Store:

HD Dark Nebula Episode 2:

Sequel to the Dark Nebula series, this game has the player controlling an eye through mazes, by either tilting the device or using the touchscreen. The game boasts of 19 different levels with HD graphics

MLB.com Home Run Derby

An official baseball game for the android that is also free to boot. The game allows you to test out your mettle while also posting the scores on the various Social Networking sites to brag about.

Le Vamp

A free endless runner with a cute little Vampire that has to outrun a group of angry mob while feeding on the blood of pigs along the way. There are also coins to be collected for upgrades like Suns screen and bat wings!

Zumba Dance

Previously available on the PS3 and Xbox 360, this is the official Android release for this game. The game has you grooving to beats my famous musicians, with the characters showing you the exact moves.

Robot Unicorn Attack 2

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A freemium game, where you control a Unicorn made of steel and screws, navigate through a flowery world. Background music and power ups can be purchased in app to help the developers keep the game free.

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