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Three ‘Hacks’ For Annoying WhatsApp Features

Whatsapp is one of the most popular chat clients available out there, given it’s easy to set up and is cross-platform. But like most of the stuff, it has its quirks. Today we’ll be looking at hacks for 3 such quirks.

1) Last Seen Timestamp

Whatsapp has this nifty feature that lets other people know when you were last online. But in case you don’t want that to be seen, simply close Whatsapp, shut down all data connection (mobile & WiFi), open Whatsapp, compose & send your message, close Whatsapp and re-enable the connection.

The message will be sent, but not the Timestamp. An app is also available to automate this, called Not Last Seen. Just install and enable Block Last Seen from the App and you’re done!

2) Auto Download image

Whatsapp by default auto-downloads media sent in chats, not quite useful on limited data plans. The trick is to remove Whatsapp completely. Then install the app Whatsapp+.  Open settings and uncheck Auto-download images. And it’s done!

3) Share any file

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Whatsapp just allows sharing of video, audio and picture files and doesn’t support other types, a real pain if one needs to share a quick pdf, for example. To overcome this, install CloudSend and Dropbox. Setup both the apps and allow CloudSend access to Dropbox. Once that’s done, navigate to the target file, tap it and select share. Once it’s uploaded to Dropbox, a notification to share it will be displayed. Tap it to share with Whatsapp. Quite easy, really. Alternatively, Send It can be used with Google Drive.

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