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Swiftkey Cloud Brings Keyboard Profile Syncing, Trending Phrases And Enhanced Personalisation

Swiftkey is one of the best keyboards available for Android, and it gets better with each new version. Swiftkey was the first to bring adaptive keyboard, which learns your typing pattern and provides accurate and fast key responses. The only problem that users faced was when migrating to new devices, all the stuff Swiftkey learnt was gone after a fresh install. However, the team behind Swiftkey has finally come up with a solution: Swiftkey Cloud.

You must have already guessed what this new feature does. Yes, it backs up all the data that is collected and syncs it across all your devices. You can easily store your keyboard profiles and settings online and do not have to worry about re-teaching your typing pattern to Swiftkey.

Another handy feature that has been added to Swiftkey is ‘trending phrases’, which analyses trending keywords on social networks and add them to the keyboard’s dictionary, so that when you type some new cult word, Swiftkey is able to recognise it, and not auto correct it accidentally.

With Swiftkey cloud, personalisation has been enhanced further. Now, full integration with Gmail, Facebook APIs allows for ‘one click’ personalisation. Yahoo Mail has also been added alongside Twitter, RSS and SMS personalisation options.

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Swiftkey currently supports standard US/UK, and also eleven other languages.

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