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PushBullet Extension Released For Firefox

After their successful foray into the Android and Google Chrome scene, with the app and plugin, respectively, PushBullet, the developers have decided to release an extension for Mozilla Firefox, the browser that has quite a huge collection of extension. Given that the developers, unlike the others, are not expecting the people to go Google and still thinking about the people who might prefer other browsers is a very good sign. We guess that PushBullet team doesn’t want to leave out any platform, and in all probability, maybe be working on an extension for Opera too! 

For people not acquainted with PushBullet, it is a nifty little tool that allows a user to push files, text or links from a PC to a phone, without the need for synching. The pushes appear, just like that, push notification. It is kind of like a decentralized version of Dropbox and thus a lot handy for people who need to sync links between their devices. PushBullet also has developer API for support for pushing between users and a ton of other goodies too. Mozilla is yet to verify it, but it has been confirmed to work by other users.

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