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Prices Slashed For Amazon Kindle Fire HD and HP Slate 7

Amazon and HP have made their tablets even more attractive with recent price cuts. The 7-inch Android tablets namely HP Slate 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire HD have slashed their prices in response to price cuts introduced by Barnes and Noble for their Nook HD and Nook HD+ tablets.

The price HP Slate 7 is available on retail at 140$ for the 8GB version and 170$ for the 16GB version after a 30$ price drop while the 16GB Amazon Kindle Fire HD is priced at 169$. With these tablets becoming even more affordable, people who were planning on getting a tablet should waste no time in scourging the internet, pestering their local techies and possibly drooling over the pictures of various tablets and order rightaway. Be warned that the price cut is only temporary so get busy researching about those tablets right away. This might also be an opportunity for those who haven’t planned on getting a tablet to get one perhaps.

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After Nexus 7 was launched at an unbeatable price of 199$, other tablets seemed weak in front of the Google offering. Most reviews ended with a suggestion to pay slightly more and get the best tablet in market that is Nexus 7, but these price competition has made these tablets worthy for consideration.

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