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NSA’s Contribution To Android Source Code Worries China

China has been feeling a bit queasy since getting to know the fact that the US National Security Agency or NSA provides quite a good amount of source code to android. According to an NSA security researcher, the code that NSA provides is designed to “to raise the bar in the security of commodity mobile devices”.

But given the post-Snowden leaks era, China is naturally a bit cagey with the reveal. More so after the reveal that the US government has been hacking into Chinese SMS and such. So China is trying to encourage the growth of non-Android smartphones within its borders, where around two-thirds of its mobiles are Android. Apart from the security concerns, China is also trying to promote its fast growing tech companies which, China accuses, are being chafing at Google’s dominance.

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All the code submitted by NSA is available for anyone to be scrutinized. So what China can now do is, like released in its recent white paper, encourage its tech companies to put forth their own variant of Android or at least submit to the code base of Android. Or even have its Ministry of Security check out the code submitted by NSA.

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