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NFC ring can control Android devices

Gadget makers are trying to find out cool ways to take advantage of the NFC technology. NFC stickers or tags didn’t really catch up, but here is an awesome ring with some NFC magic. The NFC ring can be used to unlock your tablets, smartphones and even doors! It can also be used to send contact info, or launch apps on your devices. Apple fan boys are going to be extremely jealous.

It is little awkward when you bump your phones to transfer information, but bumping fists to send contacts, (even a handshake will do) is awesome. The ring is made of titanium with two NFc inlays, a large one for ‘public’ info, while the smaller one is for ‘private’ stuff, which is to be worn facing insides and therefore can only be accessed by opening your palm. The ring creators has developed an open source software for programming the ring’s NFC inlays.

The makers have decided to raise funds for the project through KickStarter campaign and they successfully reached their goal of £30,000 in the first three days. At the time of writing, the NFC ring has raised more than £85,000, with 24 days still left for the campaign to end.

You can get your NFC ring by pledging as low as £22, while £25 will get you the larger “alpha man size ring”.

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Support the Kicstarter campaign or find out more about the ring here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mclear/nfc-ring


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