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‘Moto X’ To Be Officially Revealed On August 1 At New York

The Google event that is scheduled to happen on 24th July is not going to reveal the much awaited ‘Moto X’ Smartphone from Motorola, because the Google Company has officially announced the launch date on August 1st.

Motorola has sent invite for an event for August 1st. While event invite didn’t reveal much detail, it clearly has the Words ‘Moto X’ in big letters. The invite image has nothing more than a few people sitting around. However, on closer observation one can see that two of those people are holding Moto X, one in white and the other in black. Below ‘Moto X’, we can only see ‘August 1’, and ‘New York’.

We have seen plenty of Moto X rumours in past weeks and Motorola/Google were not very careful in concealing the secret of ‘Moto X’ either, with several leaks and Eric Schmidt himself showing off an unit at an event.

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Motorola is touting the device as the most customisable Smartphone and there is also the fact that it will be assembled in the USA. Image leaks of ‘Moto X’ from Verizon and US cellular hints that the device will be available from a wide variety of carriers. Even the official unveiling event has been officially confirmed on August 1, we do not have any info about the market launch date for the device.

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