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Moto X Hands-On Reveals ‘Open Mic’ Feature And Hardware Specifications

It’s not raining, but pouring, rumours around Moto X phone just don’t want to take a break. If you believe that Google is spending $500 million on marketing, you should wonder if they really need it with all the hype it has already created. Yesterday we saw the allege Moto X phone in Eric Schmidt’s hand, and now we have a hands on video of the device in use.

The video doesn’t go through a full fledged hands-on tour, but rather shows off a news feature of the Moto X, that is all listening voice commands. The feature is being touted as Open Mic and it works in collaboration with Google Now to provide voice activated tasks without even opening the lock screen or taping the Google Now Mic. The feature is activated by speaking a custom phrase or the default one: “ok moto magic”.

The phone keeps its ears open for voice commands all the time even when the phone screen is off, and the voice command is directly relayed to Google Now which acts on that. For now we know that ‘Open Mic’ can allow phone calls, web navigation and built in search commands.

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Apart from this, Moto X specifications are now confirmed using a CPuUapp on the AT&T GSM version of the device. It is containing Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core CPU, 2GB of RAM, an Adreno 320 GPU, and sporting a 720p screen.

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