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Master Key fix called ReKey now available for rooted Android users

The Master key security flaw planted chaos in the Android world in the past few weeks, while some devices have had their fix, many were still being made to wait for their patch by their respective mobile carriers. Apparently, a special patch called ReKey has now been released which was specifically built to fix the security flaw.

Credit goes to the security engineers at Duo along with the System’s Security Lab at Northeastern University for the development of the patch. Users can now have their Android devices protected without having to wait for security updates from their carriers. Moreover it’s free for all devices running Android 2.0+ and just comes in at just 86K, all this is possible with the simple app provided that you have rooted your device so if you do, get it from the Play Store today. However an exclusive to users with rooted devices means that a considerable chunk of users who have an unrooted device are left out, still vulnerable to the flaw so they have no other option but to wait it out.

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It’s really great to see this fix being made available but it still remains uncertain when the rest of the devices get their update. Here’s to hoping that fix is available for all devices and made very accessible soon.

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