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‘Hovering Controls’ App Mimics Samsung Air Gestures

Samsung’s flagship phones boast of some cool features on the software side, but like all software dependent features it doesn’t take much time before someone else creates an app to bring similar features to other devices. ‘Hovering Controls’ app brings Samsung’s Quick Glance, Air Jump, Air Move, Air Call Accept and more to other devices.

The app that broke Samsung’s exclusivity in these features is available only from XDA-Developers forums. The app seems to be in its early days and is not yet ready for release on Google Play Store. The current version is 1.2.

Some of the features include:

  • Open app with hand gestures
  • Pay/pause/skip while listening to music
  • Mute an Alarm or ringing phone

The ‘Hovering Controls’ app has a widget available thought which you can start or stop the app. The app when launched offers options for Hover control target Mode, carousel mode and slide twice option.

Even though the app in general installs and runs fine there are glitches which are expected from early editions of an app when it’s still in development.

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If you had always wanted the cool hover features of Samsung phones you should check this app out. The apk is available for download from xda-developer forum.

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