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Google Web Play Store Gets Redesigned

If you have strolled over to the web version of the Google Play store today, you might have got a real surprise to see the new makeover of the store. Apart from lot of changes with the visuals and functionality, many features are missing. It seems Google is shutting down features and service which are not very popular, it did that with the Google Map App and many other Google products were sent to the graveyard.


You can instantly notice the new interface which is now more like the mobile version of Google Play Store. Google is trying to get the card like theme in every place it can, its in the Google Play store app, its in Google + and we might be seen more of it other Google products. Overall the UI is more simplified. Also everything is large now; the app pages look gorgeous, with large icons and feature images. The screenshots are now AJAXified and scrollable. Images are no longer PNGs, they have been converted to WebP.

Under the hood:

The new Play Store website is faster now, with implementation of AJAX, which makes the site more responsive as, the page doesn’t need to reload everytime to clink on something, it just loads the things that need to be changed.

My Apps list:

The ‘My apps’ page just contains your list of apps now, all the tabs for choosing your device, updating status and remote uninstall features are all gone.

Wish List:

Earlier the wish list was only available in the app, now its in the web version as well.


Google is legend when it comes to search, yet the new update just shows you a limited 48 card of apps, with no next page or infinite scroll.

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There are many other subtle changes, its best if you head over the Play Store and experience the new interface yourself. Do not forget to send feedback to Google, if you are annoyed by any change.

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