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Google Glass Update Brings A Web Browser And Other Nifty Features

The new Google Glass update brings in some additional voice commands, liberating your hands from some burden. In that you can now make Glass to read your text message by simply giving the voice command “read aloud”, further more you can even create a reply text with voice commands alone – talk about the future.However, if you want to compose texts to your Gmail contacts, you have to scroll through and tap a contact’s picture from the Glass’s main menu so it’s not entirely voice controlled. Overall it does seem like a nifty addition to the already amusing device.

Not to mention, a web browser has been introduced in the update which by the way requires your hands to navigate the web. You’ll have to use the Glass touchpad attached to the device to scroll, zoom and open a link which can be as simple as sliding with a finger or two and tapping respectively. A cool new feature here is when you hold your finger on the touchpad and move your head, the browser will pan up as well – isn’t that sweet? This certainly makes future updates like something to look forward to for Glass owners.

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The update will be available to Glass owner in a few days so get ready for a dose of the future.

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