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GNU Radio 3.7 Released

GNU Radio 3.7 is out, after a year and half of parallel development, introducing new features to the GNU Radio 3.6 API, making it a big release for the open source software development toolkit. This new version of GNU Radio contains all the bug fixes that were applied to 3.6.0 to series of releases.

Important new features include:

Control Port:

  • Remote control and visualisation
  • Use of ControlPort to debug without requiring extra debug streams
  • Abstracted interface, but currently using ICE (www.zeroc.com).
  • No additional CPU usage while no monitoring is occurring.
  • Can connect multiple remotes to same GNU Radio application.
  • Can also have single ControlPort app control multiple GR apps.


Performance Measurement Tools:

Unlike performance counters which were first introduced into GNU Radio 3.6.5, all Performance Counters can now be exported over to Control Port.


QTGUI Enhancements: 

  • Plots have now been divided into separate components:
  • Time plots (amplitude versus time)
  • FFT plots (or PSD) (log magnitude versus frequency)
  • Waterfall plots (or spectrograms) (time versus frequency with magnitude as the color intensity)
  • Constellation plots (imaginary (quadrature) versus real (inphase)
  • Time raster plots (time vs. time)

Imports Uninstallation:

Updation of the GNU Radio Source tree now allows direct import of all GNU Radio components in-tree before install using the same syntax.

Updated gr_filter_design:

New gr_filer_design now offers better visualisation and interactive tools.

GNU Radio release 3.7.0 is available for download:

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