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GLASSTESLA: Google Glass App Lets Tesla Model S Owners Be Iron Man

Probability of having both an amazing Tesla and a geeky Google Glass is pretty slim. However, that has not made a first time app developer “Sahas Katta” from making the app: GLASSTESLA. You might have already guessed by now that this app allows Tesla Model S owners interact with their vehicle through Google Glass.

What all it can do?

Basically buy a Tesla Model S, manage a Google Glass Explorer Edition from somewhere and install this app to feel like “Iron Man”. Here instead of the Iron Man suit you have your beloved Tesla, and instead of Jarvis loaded HUD, you have Google Glass.  For guys having both,u just install the app and get out of here.

  • View vehicle charging status. Start or stop charging via Glass. You can even open the charge port without having to get back into your car.


  • Locate your Model S on a map and get directions to it. You can even honk the horns or flash the headlights if you still can’t spot it.


  • See whether the doors, trunks, or sunroof is open/closed. Of course, you can lock or unlock your car remotely and even control the sunroof too.


  • You can view the car’s interior and exterior temperatures. With a single tap, you can enable “auto climate” to either cool or heat your vehicle to an optimal temperature remotely.

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