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FireFox 1.1 OS Update Now Available For Geeksphone Users

If you are not an Apple iOS fanatic, or much impressed with Android either and taking an interest in Mozilla’s Mobile Operating System FireFox OS, you might be happy to hear that Mozilla has released FireFox OS 1.1. Also if you are following Mozilla’s Mobile OS, you might have a Geeksphone in your hand, complementing the geek in you, because it’s the only device known to support FireFox OS for now.

Users of Geeksphone Keon and Peak handsets can upgrade the devices themselves to Firefox 1.1. The handful of enthusiasts who have already got their devices updated have reported that the new update speeds up boot times and also fixes many bugs and tracks on minor navigational and display improvements. The OS is now more optimised for HD screen. Lot of improvements have been introduced in the email app, headphone, and calendar app as well. Now, plugging in the phone to the computer via USB pops up a menu to choose internal memory or SD card.

People interested in giving the new update a try will have to download and flash their devices manually; there is no OTA update available yet.

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FireFox 1.1 OS is available for download from the following link: http://downloads.geeksphone.com/

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