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Chromoting: A Chrome Remote Desktop App For Android

Chrome has always been a flexible browser with a lot of extensions. The browser has also kind of served as a test base for Google’s own PC OS called; you guessed it, Chrome OS. If you look into the Chrome Browser extension gallery, a remote desktop extension can be found that enables the user to remote control a PC running Chrome.

Now since the Chrome android app doesn’t support extensions, there was the need for an app that could do the same job on android, which lets you, remote control a desktop through your phone. Though alternatives are present likeTeamViewer, an official app from Google is a nice thing to have. The project has been cnamed ‘Chromoting’, that is Chrome Remoting, with work just beginning on the development.

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The details and functionality are sketchy at best, and the only proof is the screenshot above that shows an app drawer with the app installed. Features, like whether it can act as server, thus enabling the phone to be controlled to, or if it will allow streaming of media and all is still not clear. But we can expect more news on it, as they become available.

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