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Carbon For Twitter Gets An Update Bringing New Features And Bug Fixes

Carbon for Twitter v1.2.0 has arrived, it includes various bug fixes along with some interesting features and changes. As far as the technical aspect of the app are concerned, Carbon has said that the update will fix a lot of bugs, improve overall performance and stability. Now that’s some reassuring stuff on the technical end of things.

As for the juicy new features and changes, first off the app now has a new widget, it has an aspect ratio of 4:1 and fits in comfortably on the screen. It gives users quick access to sending a tweet, perhaps along with a picture and a search function. Moreover the application itself can be launched making use of the shortcut in the widget.

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A second major addition to the application is an in-app browser which does exactly what you would expect it to do, allowing you to open a link without the bother of launching another application. This in-app browser not only lets you view pictures in a link but also plays YouTube videos. Speaking of which, Vine videos can be previewed or played right in the timeline view. A few image related changes have been made like an option to save an image, an image viewer screen and the option to upload pictures to TwitPic. Finally some miscellaneous changes include people search, a few options for font size & quote style, an option to disable image/video previews in the timeline view and the notification frequency is now adjustable anywhere between 5 to 120 minutes. Official twitter and Falcon Pro have also jumped the update bandwagon recently along with Carbon.

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