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Angry Birds Star Wars II Officially Announced

Angry Birds and Star Wars fans will be rejoiced to hear that Rovio has officially announced second game release in the collaborated franchise, Angry Birds: Star Wars II.

We saw a teaser image from twitter last week, and today Rovio has officially announce the game which is scheduled to be released on September 19. The game will be prequel to the previous Angry Birds: Star Wars story line. It is said that this edition of the game will introduce 30 never before seen characters.

If you are already excited about the game, we have one more surprise for you. Recognising the marketing potential of the Angry Birds Star Wars frnachise, Rovio ha announced over 20 collectibles. They are named TELPODS and made by Hasbro. These figure also have magical powers, if you place them over you smartphone or tablet camera, they will be scanned in to the game, kind of like un locking hidden characters.


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Rovio is trying to churn out every penny it can from this franchise so, there will be other new toys, books and apparels available for sale. Head over the official Angry Birds Star Wars II site to get more info, or just check out the video above.

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