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Android At Risk Of Getting Banned In India By The Goverment

The Android market has really taken off in India with majority of Smartphones in the country running on Google’s Android platform. However, DNA and PTI has brought in a shocking news, which says that Telecom Minister, Kapil Sibal plans to ban Android in India, accusing the mobile OS to carry adult applications which are unsuitable for minors.

He has asked the media to come up with suggestions to deal with the issue, before taking any step.

“I want you people to suggest how can we close it. If we want to close it, you will attack us. I want all the media to come together and tell the minister how to deal with it so that if I do something about it, you don’t attack me,”

In response to this statement a Google Spokesperson said that the company has strict filtering policy which takes care of the said problem.

“Google Play developer programme policy does not allow content that contains nudity, graphic sex acts, or sexually explicit material. Google has a zero-tolerance policy against child pornography,” the Google spokesperson said in a statement.

Around one year ago, India’s Telecom Ministry lead by Kabil Sibal had announced that they were in work to ban all the social networking sites in India, and try to even censor every contents posted. Several websites and social media accounts were blocked due to this move from the Centre. The reason that was cited by the Kapil Sibal was that the social network sites and several other pages contained contents that could hurt communal sentiments.

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The Indian ‘netizens’ saw this as an encroachment of their democratic freedom and rights. With the internet ‘hacktivist’ group Anonymous in the lead, a large number of protestors had started the Occupy movement in several cities wearing Guy Fawkes. The movement was successful and the ministry was forced to lift bans from the sites and give back the people their internet freedom. It seems the Kapil Sibal and his ministry still has very little idea on how to deal with these problems, but they have learnt a lesson from their previous mistake and this time they are asking for suggestions to solve the problem before taking some drastic measures and again face resistance from the public.

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