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An App To Sync Play Music From Various Devices

A group of UK student from Exeter University has developed an app that is capable of playing music from an infinite number of devices simultaneously, at the Imagine Cup, an international competition, sponsored by Microsoft that gifts developers to come up with innovative ideas. The app, SoundSynk, secured the first prize in the world championship winning a prize amount of 33,100 pounds to further develop the app.

SoundSynk allows multiple devices to connect to an artificial mesh and play any given music simultaneously while being perfectly synchronized. The app has been tested on about 75 devices so far and they plan to test it further on more devices too, will plans for other platforms too. The idea came when they wanted to boost up the sound of a song by playing it on multiple devices simultaneously. But couldn’t, due to synchronization errors. So they wrote an app in 24 hours and submitted it in regionals of the Imagine cup.

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Eighty seven student teams from over 71 countries participated in the Imagine Cup, whose finals were held in Russia this year.

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