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Sony Opens Up Its SmartWatch for Developers

Remember the good old times when watches used to be, well, plain jane watches? Then Apple came up with an iPod Nano that was so tiny that people started wearing them around their wrists as watches. It was still essentially a music player capable of doing a little more than just play music. But anyway, the wearable-iPod phenomenon caught some popularity in US and around it. It wasn’t until Sony announced its SmartWatch that the plain jane watch really became smart. The smartness came powered by Android. Nice concept, but the thing didn’t sell like hotcakes. Still we saw a handful of competitors with their own renditions of a smartwatch, most noticeable of them being Androidly by an Indian startup. And then there were talks of Apple, Microsoft and Google joining the smartwatch trend.

Sony has decided to turn things around a bit by opening its development platform for a smoother and more open experience for app developers. Announcing its Open SmartWatch Project, Sony said in its press release:

We are now taking the next step to open up SmartWatch. Previously, you’ve been able to create apps for SmartWatch with the Sony Add-on SDK, but now we hope to see even more innovation as we’re making it possible for advanced developers to create and flash alternative firmware, by sharing technical details and instructions.

But firmware flashing comes with a limitation stated as follows.

We are looking for aspiring bloggers and journalists for The Mukt. If you are interested, apply now!

Please note that by flashing alternative firmware to SmartWatch it will no longer work as intended. You will no longer be able to use SmartConnect or any compatible SmartWatch app available on Google Play™.

Anurag is an open-source evangelist, and affiliated with several Linux projects like OpenMandriva, Unity and Granular. He began his Linux journey with SuSE 9.1. He is passionate about sports (football, tennis, cricket) and loves to read books (fiction, sci-fi, classics). He is also an avid gamer, Steam being his latest obsession. He usually blogs on his homepage and twitter profile. Anurag works as a Senior Analyst (software engineering) at Accenture India, and is a regular contributor at Muktware.


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