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Kinect is passe, now WiFi signals can be used for gesture based controllers

Till now good WiFi signals meant better ‘connectivity’, but some researchers are now using WiFi signals to control devices through gestures. You heard it right, they are using WiFi signals the way Microsoft Kinect uses ‘visual’ gestures.

As expected the researchers used a Linux-based operating system for the research.

See WiSee in action in the video below.

The research was published by the  the University of Washington and conducted by Qifan Pu, Sidhant Gupta, Shyamnath Gollakota, and Shwetak Patel.

The abstract of the paper says:

This paper presents WiSee, a novel ges-ture recognition system that leverages wireless signals (e.g., WiFi) to enable whole-home sensing and recognition of human gestures. Since wireless signals do not require line-of-sight and can traverse through walls, WiSee can enable whole-home gesture recognition using few wireless sources.

Further, it achieves this goal without requiring instrumentation of the human body with sensing devices. We implement a proof-of-concept prototype of WiSee using USRP-N210s and evaluate it in both an office environment and a two-bedroom apartment. Our results show that WiSee can identify and classify a set of nine gestures with an average accuracy of 94%.

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