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KDE Releases Second Beta Of Plasma Workspaces, Applications and Platform 4.11

The KDE community has released the second beta version of their new Plasma Workspaces, Applications and Development platforms. The KDE team is now focusing on bug fixing and polishing, while API, dependency and features remain fixed.u

The new release brings in the following changes:

Plasma Quick: To allow further integration and more powerful apps, Plasma Quick has been introduced which is KDE”s extensions on top of Qt Quick. The task manager has got complete over haul after being built from scratch using Plasma Quick. The battery widget can now show information about all the batteries that are connected to the system, including mouse and keyboard.

Nepomuk Indexing: Performance optimizations on the Nepomuk semantic indexing engine, has made reading data 6 times faster. Improvements in the backup and restore segment could also be witnessed. Additions of new indexers bring support for odt and docx document formats.

Kontact: With Nepomuk improvements, Kontact got faster indexers too, for its PIM data. An editor with new theme for email headers was also introduced.  It can now handle email images better and can resize them on the fly.

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KWin: Support for Wayland has now been added to KWin, along with OpenGL 3.1.Lot of performance improvements were also made to reduce CPU and Memory consumption.


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