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Google Now Brings Voice Command For Music & Live TV cards

Google Now has been getting better and better with each update. Commanding your Smartphone has become more vocal. The latest Google Search update brings some much needed new features to Google Now. You can now literally tell Google Now to play your favourite music.

Google Now is able to play music from the device library or even third party apps, such as Pandora or Spotify. It will prompt you to select the app you want to use for playing the music. In case the music is not available in the library, Google Now will make a quick search and redirect you to Play Store for music purchase and downloading.  People who are using Google Music All Access will find this nifty addition even more useful.

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Another good feature that has been added to Google Now is the ability to show TV information in case you have a WiFi connected TV. Your Android Device can now “Listen for a TV Show” when it is connected to the same wireless network as the TV and offer live programming. According to Google this will allow Google Now to show you information on whatever you are watching on the TV. If you are watching a movie, Google Now can automatically provide you with all the details such as cast, crew, facts etc.

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