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Edit Microsoft Office Files In Chrome OS without uploading or converting

Google recently acquired the popular Android app QuickOffice to strengthen its position against Micorosft. Now Google has started integrating QuickOffice with Chrome OS. Chome OS users can now edit Microsoft Office files sent to them without having to upload it to the Drive.

The implementation is in a very early stage and it needs some tweaking to get it to work. First of all a user should be running the dev version of the OS. In order to change the channel, go to the ‘wrench’ icon of Chrome and then choose settings. Here go to the ‘Help’ option and clcik on More Info. Now you can see the channels, you can choose ‘dev’ from the drop down menu. Now restart your Chromebook to upgarde to the dev channel. Once it’s done, open the browser and paste in the URL:


On this page just go ahead and enable ‘quick-office-editing‘ flag. Now you are good to go.

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Now you will be able to edit docx, and xlsx files. If you come across any bugs, you can file them here.


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