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Coming Soon: MintBox 2 With Intel Core i5 And Linux Mint 15 Olivia

One of the reasons for comparatively low Linux adoption rate can be blamed on the fact that very few PCs come preinstalled with Linux. However, Linux Mint tried to solve this issue and last year they teamed up with CompuLab to make MintBox.

MintBox is a small factor PC like the MacMini, but it ships with a copy of Linux Mint installed on it. Two version of MintBox were launched: MintBox Basic and MintBox Pro. They were powered by AMD T40(Basic) or AMD T56(Pro) processors, and contained 4GB or 8GB RAM along with a 250GB hard disk, they came with 1 year warranty and were priced at $476 and $549 respectively.

It was about time, that MintBox got an upgrade. The two companies continued their collaboration and have released MintBox2. The second generation MintBox has huge difference in hardware specs than last year’s, but thankfully, very slight difference between the prices. This Intel Core i5 processor was chosen over AMD. There is 4GB RAM included which should be upgradable for more. The hard drive space has been doubled to 500GB. Surprisingly, the warranty has been increased to whopping 5 years, while the price has been bumped slightly to $599.

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We do not have information regarding the release date or Intel Core i5 processor models yet.

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