HP Launches Android PC Slate 21

HP just doubled the troubles for Microsoft by launching an Android powered desktop PC called Slate 21. Though it’s not the first time any PC maker tried to put Android on a PC, but HP is the first major company to push ‘Android only’ desktop to the market.

These devices can give some hard competition to Windows as Android hae much more apps than Windows 8 (Metro) has. At the same time it will offer seamless sync between users Android phones and tablets.

The 21 inch all-in-one (like the iMac) PC comes with a 21-inch touch screen. It’s a 1080p IPS display and is running on Nvidia’s Tegra 4 processor

So while for productivity you have Office Pro, QuickOffice, KingSoft and Google Dive, you get access to all such service like Netflix and Hulu and you can play high-end games on this 21-inch screen.

It can be a perfect device for average PC users as it has everything they need:

* Productivity Suite
* Browser
* Multimedia – movies and music
* Access to services like Netflix
* High-end games
* Access to hundreds and thousands of apps
* Costs only $399

The Android PC comes with 8GB storage capacity (don’t get disheartened yet), but it has an SD card slot on board so you can use as big SD card as you want. That’s not all it also supports external HDD or SSD storage over USB 2.0 devices (there are 3 USB 2.0 ports on the Slate21.) so there is no ‘limit’ on storage.

The best feature of the device is its price – it’s mere $399. The device will be available in US in September.

Will you buy an Android powered PC? Does it pose and threat to Windows? Will it change market dynamics for Ubuntu which was also targeting the same market?