Foxconn to hire 3000 people to work on Firefox OS

Mozilla’s Firefox OS clearly has an edge over other two playes Canonical and Jolla for the 3rd place in the crowded mobile space. Mozilla clearly has an edge over both Jolla and Canonical, with Canonical being the last in the race.

Mozilla not only has more than 18 carriers and five top-tier hardware vendors to bring Firefox OS powered devices to the market it also has a decent ecosystem in place.

Electronics giant Foxconn which makes hardware for Apple is investing quite a lot of resources in Firefox OS. According to PC World, the company is planning to hire 3,000 people to work on Firefox OS. These people will have expertise in HTML5 and cloud computing.

Foxconn is not making just one devie for Mozilla’s mobile OS, they are reportedly working on 5 devices which will run Firefox OS.

Foxconn, while has been in the backgroud as the assembler for Apple, is seemigly looking for an ‘active’ role in the mobile space.

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