Some iPhones and iPads banned in the US after Samsung’s victory

It was long due when Apple needed to taste it’s own bitter medicine. Desperate to get competitor’s products banned (without any success so far) Apple got its own iPhone (4, 3 and 3GS) and  iPad (3G, 2 3G) banned from the US. The ban came from the ITC as these devices infringes upon Samsung’s patents related to cellular data. This ban effects only the AT&T models which use these patents.

The ban may not have any impact on Apple as these are older models, it does create a massive dent in Apple’s image, which is already facing a price fixing case.

Since it’s an ITC ruling, its firm and only the White House or the Federal Circuit can overturn it.

No one wants patents and courts to deprive users from better products, but it was Apple that waged a ‘thermonuclear’ war on Android.

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