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Rumoured Motorola XFON at FCC

Rumours about the mysterious Motorola XFON has been doing rounds since a long time, but now evidences of its existence is showing up. The documents at FCC website show a new Motorola Device which has similarities in design with the previous leaked images of the XFON.

According to the FCC listing the said Motorola device has a model no. : XT1058 and seems to be compatible with AT&T bands. Along with this the phone features include Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11ac wifi and NFC capability. Apart from these no other details regarding the specifications are available.

With Google I/O just few days away, the information has given a slight expectation of a Motorola XFON being revealed at the event. The FCC documents surely try to complement the leaked photos of the Motorola device, but there has been no words regarding this matter either, from AT&T, Motorola or Google.

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Even if this is the long awaited super phone from Motorola, we do not have solid information that it will be revealed during the Google I/O. We need to wait and watch. It’s been a long time since we have seen a game changing phone from Motorola; therefore there have been high expectation for this new device. Motorola needs to nail this in order to stay in competition with other Android manufacturers, especially Samsung.

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