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HTC One will come with pure Nexus experience

Google has eventually succeeded in bringing the pure Google or Nexus experience to the flagship phones by companies like Samsung, Sony and HTC. HTC has announced that its ‘hottest’ device HTC One will come get a Google Nexus edition, which means users will be experiencing the ‘pure’ Android experience instead of HTC Sense skin.

The company says, “Now, we’re excited to offer HTC fans and admirers alike a new experience on what we think is the best hardware available today. Starting June 26, Google will offer a special edition of the HTC One with a “Nexus user experience” through the Google Play store.”

HTC One has garnerd wide spread appreciation for its ‘all-metal unibody’ design, which gives it an edge over Samsung’s plastikish phones. Since HTC already have a settlement with Apple, the company won’t have to worry about any lawsuits around it’s devices and can now focus on marketing and devices.

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HTC One, with Nexus experience, will be sold for US $599 and will have an unlockable bootloader and 32GB of storage.


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