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Google Is On A Mission To Make Android Developers Rich

Google always wants developers to build apps for Android first and not iOS. Google I/O 2013 was developer’s paradise which showed that the company is committed to making tools that make things easy for developers. 

To attract developers into choosing Android as the first option, Google is striving to help them take full advantage of the Android Ecosystem to generate monetary profits for themselves. Android apps have come a long way and are at par with its iOS counterparts, therefore Google can now focus on optimising the ecosystem and innovate.

Developers primarily face difficulties in terms of distribution, user retention and monetization. The new Google Play developer Console has features to help optimize app monetization. Google after introducing new tools has been able to pay Android developers more in the last four months than the previous 1 year before that.  

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Other than these tools, Google is working behind the scenes and trying to lure users to buy paid apps through gift promotions and pre paid Google Play vouchers. Attempt to bring direct carrier billing in several markets around the world where credit card billing is not much popular can help Google gain more customers for Android Apps.

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