Finnish mobile maker Jolla announces first MeeGo phone

Jolla, a company created by former Nokia executives and developers of the MeeGo project have announced their flagship phone – the Jolla Mobile. This is an exciting news for all MeeGo fans out there.

The phone is based on Jolla’s Sailfish operating system which is based on Mer – the community continuation of the MeeGo project and Nemo mobile. You can download the SDK from

Just like its predecessor, the Nokia N9, the phone has a beautiful and easy to use UI. What sets it apart are natural gestures, swipes which makes it a complete joy to use it with one hand (N9 users already know how that feels). The OS also features an innovative feature where the user can interact with applications directly from the applications screen without even switching to them. This, again, follows the true and power multitasking that the N9 offered.

Another thing to notice is that a compatibility layer on the device allows the user to even run Android apps on the phone.

For more details, and to pre-order the device, goto

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