openSUSE launches Life – Linux for Education

openSUSE Education team has announced the first release of Li-f-e (Linux for Education). Based on openSUSE 12.3, the first issue is carries the version number 12.3-1. Li-f-e comes with all the official updates applied and available in all major desktop environments including Gnome, KDE and Cinnamon.

Jigish Gohil writes on openSUSE blog:

…it includes wide range of software catering to the needs of everyone, selection from openSUSE Education repository, multimedia from the Packman repository, development tools, KIWI-LTSP allowing normal PC or diskless thin clients to network boot from a server running Li-f-e and lot more. To summarize, everything you need to make your computer useful is available right out of the box as soon as Li-f-e is installed on it.

Li-f-e will offer a healthy competitor to Edubuntu, and further spread the proliferation of GNU/Linux in education segment.

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