Can Cloverleaf Linux be the Ubuntu of rpm world?

The now defunct Fuduntu team has come together to create a new distribution which they initially called FuSE Linux which was complementing Fedora and openSUSE. The distribution will be based on openSUSE, one of the most popular GNU/Linux based distribution which also contributes heavily to core open source technologies such as the Linux Kernel, Gnome, KDE, LibreOffice and much more.

The initially planned name FuSE Linux, as expected, was not acceptable to the SUSE Gmbh due to trademark dilution. So the teams looked at an alternative and thought of Volution (which meant rolling), but then once again it was conflicting with the trademark Evolution. So the openSUSE board and FuSE developers found something acceptable to both parties and it’s called Cloverleaf Linux.

In a recent interview the Cloverleaf Linux team shared their plan for the distribution and it is aiming for the same kine or market that Ubuntu targets – they are looking for an easy to use operating system where everything works out of the box.

There are many rpm based distributions such as Mageia, or PCLinux OS which do tend to keep things simple and easy but they are not based on openSUSE so they don’t get the benefits that openSUSE bring to the table – especially OBS which enabled developers to make their applications available to users.

openSUSE itself is a very polished and mature distribution, so when if put a layer on top of it which makes it even easier to use, you are looking at a very strong contender of Ubuntu.

Fuduntu has already proved itself, it was dragged down due to ‘obsolete’ code it was using, the same team may do wonders with openSUSE.

Do you think Cloverleaf Linux can be a strong competitor to Ubuntu?

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