KDE 4.10 now available for Windows

KDE’s Plasma is one of the most popular desktop environment in the GNU/Linux world. The community was also working on a Windows port of KDE applications so that these users can also take advantage of KDE’s technologies. The Windows project was in the state of limbo for quite some time and now KDE SC 4.10.2 is available for Windows.

Patrick Spendrin explains why it got delayed:

There have been several problems in the past year that spoiled new release attempts, beginning with a build server leaving together with Nokia and ending with our web server which hosts the original binary releases. But these problems have been solved and so there we are. I hope this will make it also more obvious that KDE on Windows isn’t dead yet ;-)

If you do want to run KDE in Windows keep in mind that this release still under heavy development and not ready for production usage.

Some highlights of this new release are:

  • new releases for some applications as well as updated binary packages
  • more fine grained packages for kdesdk, kdetoys and kdemultimedia
  • windows related bug fixes for several applications like kate, kompare, okular

In addition to highlights posted on KDE Windows project site, Patrick Spendrin writes on his blog,

  • improvements/bug fixes for kate
  • improvements in our emerge build scripts, especially for packaging and building collections of software
  • making nepomuk (at least partly) available

You can test this release by KDEWin installer and install every available software of KDE SC for Windows.

About Bhushan Shah

I am student of Information Technology from India. Currently I am doing KDE development under Season Of KDE program. I am proud Linux user and FOSS enthusiast.

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